Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Separation of Games & State?

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is brand new, but already riddled with corruption and cronyism. So, what are Pennsylvanian's going to do about it?

The current debate seems to be "government run gaming" (like Slots for Tots) vs "criminal run gaming" (gaming prohibition). What's the difference? In both cases a limited number of market participants use brute force to eliminate competition. The big loser of course, is the consumer who pays a higher price and has fewer options.

Why not a free market gaming industry in Pennsylvania? Imagine what that could do for tourism in Pennsylvania. The big losers will be the criminals and politicians who can no longer trade gaming monopolies for favors and payoffs.

Obviously, there is ZERO constitutional authority for Harrisburg to interfere with the gaming industry. So the repeal of all gaming laws is the correct approach. It's a perfect example of how reducing government power will not only increase our personal liberty, but allow job creation and increase prosperity in Pennsylvania.

Jim Babb

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