Friday, August 18, 2006

Libertarian Certified for November Ballot

Lower Providence - The Pennsylvania Department of State has officially certified that James Babb has successfully met the requirements to appear on the fall ballot. Babb is the Libertarian Party's candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, for district 157 (parts of Chester and Montgomery counties).

Although the old parties are not required to submit any signatures to appear on the fall ballot, state law requires independent and established challenger party candidates to collect 466 valid signatures from district voters to appear on the ballot. On July 31, Babb submitted over 650 signatures of district voters who want a real choice on election day. The majority of the signatures were received in a single day at the polls during the old parties' primary, where registered Democrats and Republicans filled page after page with their signatures.

"Voters of all political persuasions are dissatisfied with the old status-quo parties. People like choices. They are eager to see candidates from challenger parties like the Libertarians on the ballot and most importantly, in office." said Babb at a recent press conference. "Clearly the Republicans have let down those interested in fiscal restraint and the Democrats have clearly failed to protect our civil liberties. Libertarian is the only choice for voters interested in protecting private property and individual freedom.

Babb asserts that he is the best candidate for his district because he is not a career politician. "Unlike my opponent, I work in the real world. When I wanted a raise, I had to increase my productivity. When that wasn't enough, I started my own business. My success or failure in business is determined on my ability to meet the needs of my customers. When government fails, it usually gets more funding (In government, nothing succeeds like failure.) The last time my opponent had a job in the private sector, cars had 8-track players."

"When I win, the special interests like the PSEA and the utility monopolies will have no power over me, because I haven't taken their money. Unlike the career politician incumbent, I will be free to uphold my oath of office and obey the Pennsylvania constitution without fear of retribution from lobbyist benefactors."

Babb's willingness to buck conventional wisdom and challenge special interest strongholds is earning him quite a reputation. His pro-freedom solutions are often seen as controversial by some, but rooted in common sense and the American tradition of limited government and personal responsibility. "I can say what needs to be said. I can speak the truth, because I don't work for special interests." Babb intends to improve education by eliminating its compulsory nature. He wants to wipe out drug gangs by ending the war on drugs and he will preserve the environment by protecting private property and ending pay-to-pollute government programs. He wants to withhold the Pennsylvania Guard from participation in undeclared foreign wars.

More information about the campaign can be found at The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest political party in Pennsylvania with over 34,000 registered voters and scores of locally elected office holders across the commonwealth.


Ken Krawchuk, Babb for Pennsylvania Media Relations


James Babb

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