Friday, December 23, 2005

‘Slots for Watts’

Government Dependence Masquerades as Energy Independence

Governor Rendell endorses Big-Government Energy Program

Press Release
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA)

December 23, 2005

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania’s Governor Rendell joined with Senator Harry Reid and other nationally prominent Democrats to announce their “Energy Independence 2020” program. This program calls for a massive government effort reminiscent of the Apollo program with the lofty goals of freeing the United States from dependence on foreign energy sources while somehow reducing energy costs.

LPPA Chair, David Jahn, explained the program’s fundamental flaw, “The governor and his cronies believe that government bureaucrats are somehow smarter than entrepreneurs in determining where to invest individuals’ dollars. Government regulations and big government programs typically end up increasing costs and creating new obstacles to finding new energy supplies.”

LPPA Media Relations Chair, Doug Leard, added, “energy independence is an untenable goal that will only increase energy costs.”

During the oil price spike of 1979, Great Britain was “energy independent”. All its crude oil came from the North Sea. Yet, the price spike impacted Great Britain as hard as it hit Japan, a country totally dependent on oil imports.

The United States imports oil because it is significantly less expensive than domestic solutions. Cutting ourselves off from these options will leave us with fewer, more costly choices.

The best prescription for our current energy issues is the libertarian prescription – to allow the marketplace to function while protecting private property from polluters. Government should eliminate subsidies and reduce bureaucratic regulations. Subsidies promote inefficiency and reward behaviors that serve government and not consumers. Most regulations simply limit the number of competitors facilitating a de facto government-sanctioned monopoly.

Libertarian candidate Jim Babb stated “consumers, not central planners, will drive the market to affordable energy choices.”

Jahn quipped, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Governor Rendell expanded the state’s gambling monopoly to include a ‘Slots for Watts’ program.” Leard followed with, “The best thing Governor Rendell can do to promote energy independence is to keep his limo within the speed limit on the Pennsylvania turnpike.”

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States with over 600 officials serving in office throughout the nation. The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has placed statewide candidates on the ballot more often than any other third party and has championed improved ballot access to provide the voters of Pennsylvania greater choice. Please visit or for more information on the Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3 new taxes proposed by Carole Rubley

> Commissioners association promotes tax relief, says Lewis
> By LISA R. HOWELER-Times Reporter
> TOWANDA - If taxpayers are looking for emergency tax relief, the
> County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania has already suggested
> it to legislators and continue to push for it, said Bradford County
> Commissioner Janet Lewis this week.

> …A bill sponsored by Carole Rubley of Chester County would allow a
> county sales or use tax (SUT) up to 1 percent, a personal income tax
> (PIT) up to 0.5 percent or an earned income tax (EIT) up to 0.5
> percent.

I must be missing something here. Can someone explain to me how
authorizing 3 new taxes could be called "tax relief" ?

I can only imagine what kind of "relief" county commissioners are
seeking. "Oh please Carole Rubley, ask the General Assembly to help us
plunder the taxpayers!" I assume this involves the usual "debate" about
the benefits of property tax vs. sales tax vs. income tax, retired
property owners vs. productive younger people, etc. Its the shell game
they play with the bill for all the all you can eat, pork banquette.
The successful politicians, carefully convince each group that someone
else will pay for the wonderful programs offered. They'll even have the
audacity to stick the bill on our children and grandchildren, as seen
by Growing Greener and similar long-term debt programs. Then they want
to stick it the gamblers or the smokers, the out-of-towners… No one is
safe until the spending frenzy is stopped!

Remember Rendell's "Slots for Tots" ? His dream of a government
enforced socialized gaming cartel is coming true. What would you say
about an organization that coerces "protection money" from every house
and business and operates the booze, tobacco and gambling cartels? Are
these the folks you want to be in charge of your tots in mandatory all
day kindergarten?

This article highlights the faux debate, the camouflage to avoid the
important questions about the shocking growth of Pennsylvania's
government (TWICE the rate of inflation and population growth). Why is
it assumed that government must grow at all? After Harrisburg's power
is stripped down to constitutional limits, this problem becomes very
small, as the cost of government plummets.

When elected, my focus will be to reduce spending. That is the only way
to provide honest tax relief and nurture prosperity for everyone.

I hope more OCS enthusiasts will consider running next year. If you
can't, find someone who can and help them. Its not that hard most of
the time, and it can be extremely rewarding. Imagine 200 volunteers of
all political persuasions, ready to serve as citizen legislators. Its
the kind of thing that just might turn things around in Pennsylvania.

Jim Babb

Monday, August 22, 2005

State Rep Candidate Joins Operation Clean Sweep


"Stealing a few million in unvouchered expenses is chump-change for Harrisburg's master swindlers."

For Immediate Release: State Rep Candidate Joins Operation Clean Sweep

For more information:
James Babb
2006 Libertarian Candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, District 157
Phone: 610-539-8825


The Operation Clean Sweep website ( proudly states: "Operation Clean Sweep is aimed at one simple goal: cleaning house in the Pennsylvania General Assembly …"

"That's something I've been trying to do for years!" said Libertarian state rep candidate James Babb.

With his notarized OCS Candidate Declaration (, Babb promises to repeal the illegal pay raise and support legislation to safeguard Pennsylvanians from further dead-of-night legislation. Babb will also fight to make sure all future lawmaker pay raises are subject to voter approval. Babb joins a growing list of incumbent-busting candidates ready to clean house in 2006.

All legislators who either voted for the illegal pay raise or the pork-laden FY 2005-06 budget are being targeted for replacement.

"I'm excited to see the emergence of a grassroots effort to put the Pennsylvania legislature back under constitutional restraints. The goals of OCS are 100% compatible with Libertarian philosophy and my mission to restore prosperity in Pennsylvania. The illegal pay-raise issue grabbed the public's attention. Now many of these people are learning that the pay-raise is just a single symptom of the malignant corruption in the Pennsylvania legislature."

"Stealing a few million in unvouchered expenses is chump-change for Harrisburg's master swindlers." said Babb.

According to the Commonwealth Foundation (, "The current state and local government levels of spending represent an increase of 93 percent—more than double the combined rates of inflation and population growth—from the FY 1991-92 level of $52.9 billion." Ouch!

As if our government wasn't bloated enough, Carole Rubley (R-157) recently voted to expand government by an additional 6.1% in FY 2005-06.

"That's a direct assault on prosperity in the Commonwealth. Obviously, liberal tax-and-spend Republicans have left the conservatives in our state without a voice" said Babb."

"In a time when Pennsylvania is facing job losses and reduced revenues, it's time to reduce government spending, not increase it. Carole Rubley has consistently voted against taxpayers throughout her long political career. Her big-government policies are driving businesses out of the Commonwealth. Once we reduce government spending, lower taxes and repeal all the unnecessary, bureaucratic regulatory laws that are strangling Pennsylvania's businesses, Pennsylvania will once again be safe for entrepreneurs, business owners and investment capital."


James Babb, 37, is a business owner, musician, husband and father. In 2004, his campaign for State Rep. earned 15% of the votes in his home county.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

State Rep Carole Rubley slammed over misleading referendum

For Immediate Release: State Rep Carole Rubley slammed over misleading referendum.

For more information:

James Babb
2006 Libertarian Candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, District 157

Phone: 610-539-8825


Lower Providence Twp. - Libertarian candidate James Babb is calling on Pennsylvania voters to reject the $625,000,000 bond scheme at the polls on May 17th. Citing the massive cost and ineffectiveness of similar coercive government programs, Babb joins other environmentalists and taxpayer advocates in opposing this new debt burden.

"I'm not surprised that career politicians like Carole Rubley co-sponsored HB 2, the bill that authorizes the bond referendum, deceptively named 'Growing Greener 2'. Formerly regarded as the 'party of small government', our Republican representatives in Harrisburg are helping Ed Rendell expand government at an alarming rate. Growing Greener 2 is just the latest example. Tax hikes alone can no longer satisfy their thirst, so big-government advocates like Rubley are reaching for the taxpayer's Visa card again" noted Babb. "Even if you have no interest in the D & R primary races, you need to show up at the poll on May 17 to reject this bond scheme.

The ballot question is so broad that we can only guess where the money will end up. However, all sorts of goodies are promised in the commonwealth's own advertising materials, including industrial bailouts, farm subsidies, housing subsidies, and a wave of other socialist programs. Virtually every special interest group is represented in the proposed loot distribution. Sadly, the interest group not represented in this scheme, is that of our children and grandchildren, who will inherit this legacy of high taxes and debt.

Voters need to know why the politicians are asking voters to authorize an additional $625,000,000 of taxpayer funded debt. Under the guise of environmental protection, the GG2 bond scheme rewards polluters in Pennsylvania by shifting their cost of environmental cleanup onto the backs of overburdened taxpayers. In addition to polluters, the GG2 scheme is a boon for other select groups. Bankers and investors will earn handsome interest on $625,000,000. Perhaps as much as another $625,000,000. Politically connected lawyers and real estate firms will also reap lucrative profits at taxpayers expense.

In a time when Pennsylvania is facing job losses and reduced revenues, it's time to reduce government spending, not increase it. Pennsylvanians want to preserve the environment. Let's let them do that by reducing their tax burden and protecting private property from polluters." Babb added: "Instead of paying for another failed industrial bailout or agricultural welfare scheme, Pennsylvanians should be free to invest in the parks or conservation projects of their choosing. We don't need to filter our efforts through Harrisburg bureaucrats. By holding polluters responsible instead of taxpayers, we can attract more nonpolluting businesses to the Commonwealth, increase prosperity, attract jobs AND protect the environment.

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of thousands of environmentalists who have voluntarily contributed valuable time and resources to make our commonwealth beautiful. I hope you will join me in preserving the natural beauty of Pennsylvania by volunteering at your local park, contributing to a worthy conservation charity and voting NO to this bond referendum on May 17th!"

James Babb, 37 is a business owner, musician, husband and father. In 2004, his campaign for State Rep. earned 15% of the votes in his home county.