Monday, August 22, 2005

State Rep Candidate Joins Operation Clean Sweep


"Stealing a few million in unvouchered expenses is chump-change for Harrisburg's master swindlers."

For Immediate Release: State Rep Candidate Joins Operation Clean Sweep

For more information:
James Babb
2006 Libertarian Candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, District 157
Phone: 610-539-8825


The Operation Clean Sweep website ( proudly states: "Operation Clean Sweep is aimed at one simple goal: cleaning house in the Pennsylvania General Assembly …"

"That's something I've been trying to do for years!" said Libertarian state rep candidate James Babb.

With his notarized OCS Candidate Declaration (, Babb promises to repeal the illegal pay raise and support legislation to safeguard Pennsylvanians from further dead-of-night legislation. Babb will also fight to make sure all future lawmaker pay raises are subject to voter approval. Babb joins a growing list of incumbent-busting candidates ready to clean house in 2006.

All legislators who either voted for the illegal pay raise or the pork-laden FY 2005-06 budget are being targeted for replacement.

"I'm excited to see the emergence of a grassroots effort to put the Pennsylvania legislature back under constitutional restraints. The goals of OCS are 100% compatible with Libertarian philosophy and my mission to restore prosperity in Pennsylvania. The illegal pay-raise issue grabbed the public's attention. Now many of these people are learning that the pay-raise is just a single symptom of the malignant corruption in the Pennsylvania legislature."

"Stealing a few million in unvouchered expenses is chump-change for Harrisburg's master swindlers." said Babb.

According to the Commonwealth Foundation (, "The current state and local government levels of spending represent an increase of 93 percent—more than double the combined rates of inflation and population growth—from the FY 1991-92 level of $52.9 billion." Ouch!

As if our government wasn't bloated enough, Carole Rubley (R-157) recently voted to expand government by an additional 6.1% in FY 2005-06.

"That's a direct assault on prosperity in the Commonwealth. Obviously, liberal tax-and-spend Republicans have left the conservatives in our state without a voice" said Babb."

"In a time when Pennsylvania is facing job losses and reduced revenues, it's time to reduce government spending, not increase it. Carole Rubley has consistently voted against taxpayers throughout her long political career. Her big-government policies are driving businesses out of the Commonwealth. Once we reduce government spending, lower taxes and repeal all the unnecessary, bureaucratic regulatory laws that are strangling Pennsylvania's businesses, Pennsylvania will once again be safe for entrepreneurs, business owners and investment capital."


James Babb, 37, is a business owner, musician, husband and father. In 2004, his campaign for State Rep. earned 15% of the votes in his home county.