Friday, September 21, 2007

Ron Paul's plan to eliminate the Income Tax (without a new replacement tax)

"Individual income taxes account for only approximately one-third of federal revenue. Eliminating one-third of the proposed 2007 budget would still leave federal spending at roughly $1.8 trillion-- a sum greater than the budget just 6 years ago in 2000! Does anyone seriously believe we could not find ways to cut spending back to 2000 levels?"

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Liberty Forum 2008!

Ron Paul, John Stossel, Michael Badnarik, and many more were at the Free State Project's New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2007.

The next Liberty Forum will be January 3-6, 2008. Don't miss out!

Ron Paul's Speeches of Freedom

Dr. Ron Paul, who has called LRC his favorite website – the one he looks at the first thing every morning – has given five historic addresses on liberty for Now, at this exciting moment, these eloquent speeches are collected for you, your family, and your friends to listen to, to share, and to keep for the future.

Of course, you also help keep LRC on the air by buying these well-priced, handsomely produced, and inspiring recordings.

For a four-CD cased set, the price is just $29 plus $6 shipping and handling in the US.

For an MP3 CD, the price is just $15 plus $4 shipping and handling in the US.

For 5 business-card-size MP3 CDs (with all 5 speeches on each) – to hand out to family and friends, and what a great introduction to Dr. Paul! – the price is just $25 plus $4 shipping and handling.

Please add sales tax if we are shipping to a California address.

*Phone Cathy at 800-982-7070 during California office hours to charge to your credit card, or
*Mail your check to, 851 Burlway Rd., Suite 202, Burlingame, CA 94010, or
*Pay online by credit card, being sure to indicate what you are ordering and where we should ship it.

Thank you!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ron Paul Trumps in Last Night’s Debate

Ron Paul trumped in last night’s Republican Presidential Candidate Debate in New Hampshire. His views on Iraq and freedom were shining beacons amidst the black smoke the other candidates emitted. As the rest of the GOP hopefuls tighten their chains to the war wagon heading over a cliff, Paul’s views will propel him forward.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Carnage in Iraq - Past, Present, and Future

Bush compares the Iraq to the fiasco in Vietnam to show that we must "stay the course" to avoid the carnage that tormented SE Asia after the US withdrawal. A million and a half Vietnamese died during the war. Now between half a million and a million Iraqis are dead. If we stay, more will die than if we go. More dead US soldiers won't help.

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Senator Craig’s Innocence

In a way, we should all be appreciative of Senator Larry Craig’s post-conviction claim of innocence. At long last we have a member of the United States Senate who has acknowledged the phenomenon of the false guilty plea, if not the pervasiveness of wrongful conviction itself. Or better yet, by insisting he did "nothing wrong" despite violating a statute, Craig may have finally expressed doubt in the laws that lawmakers have rained down on us. Viewed in their worst light, the allegations made against Craig hardly seem to rise to the level of criminal conduct. Yet Craig’s guilty plea to disorderly conduct charges will prevent him from formally appealing the conviction and will likely haunt him for the rest of his life.

Senator Craig’s proclamations of innocence are ironic given his membership in one of the earth’s most punitive deliberative bodies. During Senator Craig’s tenure in Washington, Congress has:
(1) criminalized hundreds of previously non-criminal acts under federal law;
(2) increased criminal penalties for many federal offenses;
(3) drastically increased collateral consequences of minor criminal convictions, subjecting some convicted misdemeanants to lifetime infringements of civil rights and occupational opportunities;
(4) applied these collateral consequences retroactively;
(5) strategically and systematically limited the appeal rights of convicted persons;
(6) carved away the ancient availability of habeas corpus review of convictions;
(7) created "procedures" to circumvent the plain language of the Sixth Amendment for accused terror suspects;
(8) expanded the authority of police to evade the Fourth Amendment by wiretapping, searching without notification, searching without warrant, and surveilling citizens without cause;
(9) exponentially enlarged the budget of the U.S. Justice Department;
(10) diverted federal tax dollars into local law enforcement agencies to pay for extra officers; and
(11) eliminated all statutory relief for convicted persons.

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