Friday, November 30, 2007

Get High for Ron Paul

That's right, It's the Ron Paul Revolution Blimp!

Do I get to fly in the blimp if I donate?

Anyone who donates $25 or more will be entered into a raffle of twenty tickets to ride the blimp. Each ticket will include a 1 day flight on the blimp. You must provide your own transportation to the blimp wherever it may be located. An individual who donates the maximum amount of $5,000 will receive 3 days of flying on the Ron Paul Blimp. There is a total of 12 seats and 100 flying hours so that equals 1,200 flying hours or 200 individual days.

• $25 or more donation enters you into a raffle drawing for 1 of 20 tickets. (6 flying hours or 1 day)*

• $5,000 donation gets you 3 flying days (18 hours) guaranteed + you are entered into the drawing.for additional tickets.

• If there are more flying days left and not many 5k pledgers we will just have more 1 day tickets in the drawing because we know how hard some of you work to promote Ron Paul and maybe just do not have the funds but would really like the opportunity to ride the Ron Paul Blimp. Having these extra drawings will increase your chance of you winning a ticket!

* The raffle will be webcast live. It will show every single name actually being written on paper and then picked from a hat without cutting the camera to ensure there is no fraud (setting an example for our upcoming elections).

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