Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to get banned on

After reading about the ban at RedState on Ron Paul information from new subscribers, I posted a message of "agreement" on their site. Because I have been a registered user for nearly 2 years, the new policy did not apply to me. None the less, it appears that someone eventually recognized my post as sarcastic and alerted the polit bureau. My account is now suspended.

I was a bit surprised at their cowardice and lack of sense of humor regarding differing opinions, but I have no problem with RedState banning anyone for any reason because I respect private property. Although I followed their usage guidelines, it's their site to do with what they please. It must be hard to justify their imperial agenda when presented with actual facts and wit, so banning dissenters makes perfect sense. Why not take a page from the playbook of another red state?

Brad Spangler also had a great post on this topic. For his sake, I hope he gets banned as well.

This development can only be seen as progress for the Ron Paul Revolution. The big-government wing of the GOP is on the defensive.


Scriven said...

I posted a sarcastic statement regarding Fred and his involvement with an extra-governmental organization determined to eliminate America's Soverignity, and my account was deactivated and my ip blocked.

RedState -- a very apt name for these international socialists.

Brad Spangler said...

Oh, Moe Lane both disabled my user account and banned my IP inside five minutes.

Anonymous said...

With Ron Paul gaining momentum, as each day goes by this redstate sickle and hammer site will one day wake up to find that they indeed have banned and deactivated most of their members...too funny!
I am a conservative republican of 30 yrs and am voting for Ron Paul and I know that I donot stand alone that's a fact.

Oddsman M. said...

I'm curious about the comment of Shemp or Moe or whoever atop your post. Is "balls" now profanity if referencing the testicles? Did you cus and it just got removed by Shemp??

Or, as I suspect, is someone a bit whiny and trying to make excuses??

James Babb said...

JMR, The reference to "balls" is the only thing I can guess generated the "profanity" reference. BFD!

Oddsman M. said...

I'm certain, without even looking, that we can find hourly profanities on RedState which far-exceed "balls," so obviously your post got under Shemp's skin and that's all he could pull out of his a$$. I find this situation hilarious, you and Brad Spangler both rock. And folks should check out Alexa for more RedState fun...

I'm sure there couldn't POSSIBLY be any jealousy going-on here...

Oddsman M. said...

I just looked further, and found this:

let's review, shall we? Saying "balls" is a bad thing, but Brad Spangler (who also did an excellent job) is "bitterly masturbating" by calling neocons neocons??

Have I missed something? Or am I just in a mood to mock this mornin'?

James Babb said...

ALL pro-Paul posters were banned. They lied when they said only those with new accounts were subject to censorship. It's not like they had any credibility anyway. Watch them go down with the neocon ship.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment with a video link to a Ron Paul interview on Abortion and Stem Cell research.

I was banned and IP address blocked from Redstate.

The call to be civil was really a call to find and ban all Ron Paul supporters.

Red State Truly does represent the Neo-Cons (Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain and crue)

They are Fascist, Unwilling to win any discussion or debate because not only have logic, reason, and the constitution on our side but the moral highground as well.

"Death to Tyrants"
Death to Redstate.

Their web views and ranking are in a sevire nose dive and their relevance is non-existent. Banning RP was their one day in the "sun" now they are in the grave.