Monday, August 06, 2007

Ron Paul: In for the Long Haul

About Ron Paul's FundraisingOn July 15th, the Federal Election Commission announced the 2nd-quarter fundraising totals for each presidential candidate. In the Republican field, Ron Paul's $2.4 million placed him:3rd in total receipts for the quarter4th in total receipts to date3rd in total current assets (ahead of former front-runner John McCain, and just $800,000 behind Mitt Romney)Thus far, 47% of the contributions made to Ron Paul's campaign are donations of under $200 from individuals (John McCain's 17% is the second-highest percentage). This is a telling statistic, as it highlights the fact that most other candidates rely heavily upon donations from corporate interests and political action committees (PACs) (i.e. moneyed, influence-seeking sources who can readily afford to contribute large sums). Since Congressman Paul has always voted against special favors and privileges for anyone, special interests know they have nothing to gain by stuffing Ron Paul's campaign coffers. As one member of my local Meetup group put it on a home-made sign, "Ron Paul is thin because he won't let special interests buy him lunch."Among all candidates, Dr. Paul is now first in total donations from military personnel and veterans. While this may come as a surprise to some, Tom Engelhardt identified the primary reason when he asked rhetorically, "why should (military personnel) want to be endlessly redeployed to a lost war in a lost land?" (see Why the US Military Loves Ron Paul).Why, indeed – President Paul would bring them home now.

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Anonymous said...

Good article. I've been checking out and you are spot on with your comments. One thing is interesting though, wouldn't Dr. Paul be even farther ahead than Mitt Romney if Romney didn't self finance himself with over 8 million of his own money?