Friday, May 18, 2007

"Fair and balanced" Ron Paul coverage on Fox

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johngalt said...

The "Establishment" continues to try to instruct us on who to vote for. Their arrogance reeks so bad, they get high from their gasseous fumes.
Whether it's MSNBC or FOX. The elites continue to shove their propaganda down our throats.

I hope and pray that America says, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm voting for Ron Paul!"

As a Pittsburgh Gym Owner and Personal Trainer...I'd love to offer Free Training sessions to Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity. Watching them babble and cut up Dr. Paul unnerves me.

Allow me to share 10 minutes of a training lesson they'll never forget.
This isn't propaganda Hannity or Chris Matthews...if you think you can hang more than 10 minutes... then you can challenge Dr. Paul to a workout here at my gym.

Put your brains and muscles where your mouths are. If you're smart, you'll stay home windbags.

My 2 cents.