Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brother of Philadelphia mayor indicted on fraud (Is the mayor next?)

The indictment was part of an investigation into municipal corruption in Philadelphia. The wide-ranging probe, which ensnared the former city treasurer and numerous businessmen, became public three years ago when an FBI listening device was discovered in the mayor's office.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Century of War: The 20th was the bloodiest in history

The most accurate description of the twentieth century is "The War and Welfare Century." This century was the bloodiest in all history. More than 170 million people were killed by governments with ten million being killed in World War I and fifty million killed in World War II. In regard to the fifty million killed in World War II, it is significant that nearly 70 percent were innocent civilians, mainly as a result of the bombing of cities by Great Britain and America.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Worshipping the State: Why They Die

Simple facts most soldiers do not understand: The government (state) is not our country; when you fight and die in undeclared wars, you do so for the State and not for our country or our freedoms; when you forsake the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend to follow unconstitutional orders, even from your commander-in-chief, you cross the line from defender of your country to the very real possibility of becoming a war criminal.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Education Debate We’re Not Having

Few dare speak of it, particularly in political circles, but an alternative to public schools does exist. Prior to the wholesale takeover of education by government, parents typically paid about half their kids’ tuitions directly. Education was mostly a private enterprise...Literacy levels were higher a century and a half ago than they are today.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Demographic Reality and the Entitlement State, by Ron Paul

Are ever-growing entitlement and military expenditures really consistent with a free country? Do these expenditures, and the resulting deficits, make us more free or less free? Should the government or the marketplace provide medical care? Should younger taxpayers be expected to provide retirement security and health care even for affluent retirees?

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pennsylvania statewide ballot scrubbed of challengers

More than 165,000 Pennsylvania residents signed nominating petitions this year to place third-party and independent candidates on the Nov. 7 ballot. But you won't find most of those candidates on the ballot. This is Pennsylvania, where Democrats and Republicans don't want voters to have a choice other than one of their hand-picked candidates.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Freedom, Morality & Pragmatism: Why Americans will return to libertarianism

Libertarianism, not socialism or interventionism, is the cornerstone of our nation
’s heritage of freedom. Libertarianism succeeds in producing rising standards of living, nurtures voluntary charity, & promotes harmonies among people. It is a philosophy grounded in the moral foundations of freedom. Libertarianism is the key to the future ......

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Judge and Inspector of Elections resign calling Pennsylvania's Election process increasingly un-American

Richard Piotrowski
Ellen Blickman
3731-4 Allen St Allentown, PA 18104
email: rich@richpiotrowski.org
cell: 610 360-8394

News Release

Allentown Judge and Inspector of Elections resign calling Pennsylvania's Election process increasingly un-American

Allentown, PA - The Husband and Wife team that served this past election in Allentown's 17th ward 4 th district (located at the western edge of City of Allentown and serving a portion of the Parkland School District) as it's Judge of Ellection and Inspector of Elections, resigned in protest last week over what they have labeled an increasingly un-American election process.

Richard Piotrowski, who served as Judge of Elections, and who also ran in 2004 for Congress in the 10th district ,said he is extremely troubled over the unfair ballot requirements that were imposed this year on State-wide candidates in the Commonweath. "The final straw for me was the nearly $90,000 legal bill that the court has ordered Carl Romanelli to pay the Democratic Party for knocking him off of the ballot." Piotrowski said. Piotrowski is referring to the State Supreme Court's ruling keeping him off of the ballot, which also legally makes him responsible for the Democrat's legal fees. Piotrowski said this "adding insult to injury" move by the Court and the Democratic Party was a way of scaring off future attempts of challengers to the two-party hold on the political process.

Piotrowski's wife, Ellen Blickman, who served as an Inspector of Election, said she was initially excited to serve the position. 'I thought we could be part of the process, to help improve it." she said. Blickman added that she thought she could help reach out to younger voters and get them involved. "Although voter interest and turnout has been steadily declining over the years, I've never seen a level of disinterest that it's come to now,"she said. Blickman pointed out that these new potential voters have no trust in the system and, as they are much more tech savvy, many of them have read the some of the information that is available online on how the new Diebolt voter machines can be "hacked" and are not secure. Many of the web's most popular sites have featured articles about the Diebold machines and there are dozens of sites dedicated to this single issue..

Piotrowski and Blickman both say they will exercise their right to vote this year, and plan to do several write-in votes for candidates that were denied a place on the ballot. "We'll keep doing that until they take that ability away too," Blickman said.. "The truth is that four states have already taken the ability to do write-in away already." Piotrowski sadly added.
V for Vote

A great commercial from Jon Airheart of the Badnarik campaign.